Welcome to Fuzhou FeiXiang Bamboo Products Co.ltd

China Bamboo Products Manufacture
Our company is specialized in manufacturing and exporting bamboo flooring and other bamboo products for about 6 years.

We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting bamboo products in china. We have abundant quality bamboo to make our bamboo floor, Bamboo Fence, Bamboo poles,bamboo furniture and other Eco friendly Bamboo products in China. We employ state-of-art advanced technology and machinery in our production line to give strict quality control.

Our Eco friendly products have been exported to Japan, Europe, North America and other more than 10 countries and areas due to high quality and competitive price.

Due to the location of our factory which lies in the west of Fuzhou, a well-know place produces highest quality materials with large quantity, so we have enough bamboo materials for production. We have abundant high-quantity bamboo to make our bamboo flooring. Our machines are imported from Germany and Taiwan, and we employ state-of-art technology and machinery in our manufacturing-line to strictly control our quality.

You are highly welcome to contact us if you have any interest in our Eco friendly bamboo products. Your email, fax or calling is all welcome. and for personal customers, please don't hesitate any more to get in touch with us, we will give you the best products and service. We cordially welcome you to visit our factories and establish a long lasting business relationship with us in bamboo line. Thanks a lot!

If you have questions about our products, policies or service, please Contact us.